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Physiological Jaundice

It is the most abundant type of newborn hyperbilirubinemia, having no serious consequences . Neurodevelopmental abnormalities including as athetosis, loss of hearing, and in rare cases intellectual deficits, may be related to high toxic level of bilirubin . Jaundice attributable to physiological immaturity which usually appears between 24–72 h of age and between 4th and -5th days can be considered as its peak in term neonates and in preterm at 7th day, it disappea

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rs by 10–14 days of life .Unconjugated bilirubin is the predominant form and usually its serum level is less than 15 mg/dl . Based on the recent recommendations of the AAP, bilirubin levels up to 17–18 mg/dl may be accepted as normal in term of healthy newborns


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