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How is jaundice treated.

When a newborn baby shows signs of jaundice, the doctor does a physical examination and blood tests to help determine the cause of the jaundice and when it should be treated. One way to reduce bilirubin levels in a baby’s body is to expose the baby’s skin to light, a process called phototherapy. The baby’s eyes are protected from the light by eye patches. With phototherapy, the baby may have skin rashes or loose bowel movements. Intake of fluids (eg, more frequent breastfeeding) may be encouraged. Phototherapy is safe, but is only used when needed (usually for two to three days after which the baby’s liver takes over). In severe cases, the baby may need to have new blood transfused and old blood removed. #jaundice #signsandsymptoms #yelloweyes#phototherapy#babies#jjaundiceinbabies#jaundiceetraetment


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