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We are providing a Jaundice checkup home visit service for newborn babies.


Dear parents,


In view of recent circuit breaker announcements, neonatal jaundice screening is considered as essential healthcare services.


Our doctors & nurses will still be able to drop you a visit at your home based on infant jaundice checking needs.


Medical Advice

At least 60%* of newborn infants will develop jaundice.


Normal jaundice
Starts 2 to 3 days after birth
Peaks day 3 to 7 in most full term infants

Jaundice checkup is suggested for all newborns from birth till 2 weeks old, or newborns that continue to face jaundice issues.

Click here for more information on jaundice.


Untreated Jaundice increases the risk of causing irreversible brain injury.

It is important to identify them early, manage them early in order to prevent onset of bilirubin induced neurological dysfunction and kernicterus.

Advice on neonatal jaundice assessment and counselling will be provided by onsite experienced healthcare professionals.

If necessary, we also provide the solution to treat jaundice from the comfort of your home.

*Guidelines on evaluation and management of neonatal jaundice by Academy of Medicine Singapore and College of Paediatrics and Child Health Singapore


The story behind us

Our founding team consists of medical doctors and nurses with neonatology experience and are also parents. (Our doctors & nurses)

We faced the inconvenience of having to bring our babies to a jaundice checkup especially during the 1st week back home. It's mentally and physically stressful for mothers while they are still recovering from childbirth. It's much worse on weekends and public holidays when there is no other way to get a jaundice check done.



Why use DrJaundice?

1. At the core of our belief, we want mothers to focus on recuperating. The current practice of doing a jaundice check is too tedious and sometimes costly.


2. If dads are indisposed at work, instead of taking leave, they can also be rest assured that everything is done from the comfort of your home.

3. We hope to reduce pain or heartaches for both parents & infants.
TcB Scans are used rather than the invasive SB(heel prick test). 

4. We want to bring medical help to you whenever available, rather than wait in queues or an entire weekend/public holiday to be over just for a clinic consultation on the weekdays.


Click here for Fees & Charges

Pre-schedule with us as soon as you know your EDD date, this is to secure the appointment timing.

Your EDD date + 4 days should be your appointment date.

An sms/call confirmation will be sent prior to your EDD date.

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